Medical4U was created with the sole view of informing the medical world.

Original code written from scratch
The code for both the messaging service and the application was created entirely for Medical4U. In particular, the application is not just another web application, but a native mobile app, fast and with minimal device resource requirements.

Ease of use

Message creation takes place in a very short time, while the user of the application has all the information immediately in front of him.

Immediate delivery of message

The message being sent is not SMS / MMS or e-mail. This means that the user of the application receives it directly on his/her device, without incurring additional charges for the sender.

Push notifications

The Medical4U platform sends real-time push notifications for each message.

Content rich messages

Forget poor SMS and MMS (addidional costs for the sender). Messages sent via Medical4U can contain text, pictures, videos, pdf.

Personalized messaging

Via Medical4U you can send messages to specific users or groups of users


All information is classified according sections / specialties of medicine while the user of the application chooses what interests him/her.


The modern way of life has made our calendar use of our mobile almost obligatory. Medical4U lets you add events to your mobile calendar with 1 click.


The recipient of the message can respond by indicating its likely interest in events, etc

Application user card

Through an optional and secure login, the application user receives a QR Code that is unique to everyone. Please note that no personal information of the user or device is stored in Medical4U.