Targeted messaging
Messages are sent to recipients who are interested in the subject. No message can be considered spam because the recipient has chosen to be informed.

Install & Forget
After installation and parameters setting of the mobile application, no further action is required from the user.

Friendly UI & instant messaging
Special attention has been paid to the UI messaging design. The environment is user-friendly and prevents mistakes.
Unlike bulk e-mails where separate e-mails are created for each recipient, sending the message via Medical4U is done with 1 click. Afterwards, Medical4U messaging servive delivers message to everyone simultaneously.

Through statistics page, the collaborating company can have a complete picture of messages response, application users, etc. This is a very useful tool that helps improving corporate communications.

The user of the application that responds to the message indicates whether the message is of interest or not. This feature is valuable in case of events, because it is an element that can contribute to effective budgeting.