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Integrated Digital Platform for Medical Communication

Create loyal clientele with real time messaging, sending content rich messages to mobile devices

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Topics, news, events of interest to the medical world, in real time.



Increase the penetration of your products through direct information to your buying audience.


Communicate your services to your target group / buying audience.

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Conferences / Banquets

Informing all interested parties and acquiring speakers & participants.


Disclosure of events & topics, acquisition of participants.


All information is sorted optimally so that you are only informed about what you are interested in.

  • Medical4U Digital Platform implements innovative characteristics which make it an ideal medium for modern and integrated communication

    • Original code, written from scratch
    • Ease of use
    • Instant messaging (not SMS / MMS, not e-mails)
    • Real time push notifications
    • Content rich messages
    • Personalized information
    • Sections / Medical specialties
    • GDPR compliant
  • 1 click event add to calendar

    • No more forgotten or lost events
    • Right scheduling
    • Optimal time allocation
  • The recipient of the message responds by declaring his/her interest

    • Interactivity
    • Impact event assessment
    • Create gallop
  • Through a secure login, mobile app user receives his/her unique QR Code

    • Personalized information
    • Loyalty card
    • GDPR compliance
  • With the Medical4U platform you enjoy a number of benefits

    • Targeted information in the medical field
    • Install & Forget: After installation of mobiule app, no further actions are required
    • Message creation (not SMS/MMS, not E-mail) and 1 click delivery to all or specific recipients
    • Friendly User Interface
    • Detailed statistics (messages, geographical, etc.)
    • Interactivity with mobile app users